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Pups are a big hit with their new owners
Barry,  when I initially saw pictures of Duke on your website, and knowing what I know about Lexi, and talking to Gary about Duke and this litter, I really thought the chances of  this offspring to be exceptional dogs was really high.. I suggested these pups two good families that I know.. One of my good hunting buddies from southern California, Doug West, picked up one of the males, “Sam” they have a place on the American River Delta as well as a farm house in South Dakota.. Sam will see a lot of water and birds and have a great life.  He and Layla will be hunting together in South Dakota for many years to come…Rick Heikkila, one of my employees here is an avid duck and upland hunter, his wife surprised him with “Thor” on his recent birthday.. Both males are probably pushing 40 lbs and Layla is 34 lbs @ 6 months.. What I’ve seen to date from her has been exciting.. bold little girl who loves to work, very athletic, explodes to the retrieve, strong marking & uses her nose very well,  very fast on the return.. like her dad I hear..  I have been around many labs for many years, and these dogs have a lot to offer.  Although she is only 6 months old, in my humble opinion, she has already shown me so much.  I already sense her potential is beyond what I can get out of her.. She is a great addition to our family…  more to follow…  pic’s and video clips of her if you like…  To date, Duke x Lexi pups are proving to be a great thing…   I look forward to meeting you in the future. 


My best,



Layla at 10 weeks
Duke has been bred to 2 nice females. Gracie and Copper from Kenswood kennels. Gracie had black and yellow pups. Copper a fox red female is due to have pups in late September 2014   ALL PUPS SOLD
Duke and Gracie pups
Duke and Copper
2014 Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota was awesome.
Duke retrieved over 100 pheasants this year
Little dogs did great too (Blue and Buster)